Ugandan Parliament Project - Legislative Leadership And Governance Group

About the Ugandan Parliament Project

2012 Ugandan Training Presentations documents

The Ugandan Parliament Institutional Strengthening activity is a one-year program facilitated by the Legislative Leadership and Governance Group at Alfred Deakin Research Institute, Deakin University, and undertaken as part of the Australia-Africa Partnerships Facility (AAPF).

The program has been designed in collaboration with the Parliament of Uganda and is aimed at supporting its contribution to the national goal of improving democracy and the rule of law to lift income levels and living standards, through improved performance of the legislature. Specifically, the objective of the program is to improve the effectiveness of the legislative function of the Parliament of Uganda and strengthen its oversight function over the Executive. The activity will be delivered in six training modules based on the identified priorities of the Ugandan Parliament. These six modules are:

  • Improving Performance of Officers At the Table
  • Effective Committee Work
  • Financial Scrutiny – Understanding Estimates and Financial Documents
  • Parliamentary Leadership for Women
  • Research and Reporting
  • Communicating with the Electorate and the Media

To ensure that participants are exposed to international best practice, as well as gaining a better understanding of the practices and procedures of the Ugandan Parliament, a mix of international and local presenters will be used in the delivery of each module.

The training program will contribute to a number of development outcomes including a more effective legislative function and strengthened financial scrutiny role for the Parliament of Uganda; a more effective “Table” function; stronger leadership of Parliamentary committees and improved capacity of accountability committees; more effective contribution of women Members; improved committee staff research capacity; and greater public awareness of the role of Parliament, and MPs